Dustin O'Hara is a designer, researcher, and Information Studies PhD candidate at UCLA.

Dustin’s doctoral dissertation is a qualitative study examining the relationship between internet access, poverty, and urban renewal in Detroit. At the Center for Research in Engineering, Media and Performance (REMAP) Dustin has worked on the future internet architecture project Named Data Networking (NDN) and augmented reality learning environments for elementary school children. In both cases Dustin's work has been focused on user interface design and human computer interaction related issues.

Dustin has a longstanding interest in how people use the internet to create meaning, and how cultural values are expressed in the design of new technologies and everyday objects.

Prior to pursuing a PhD Dustin worked on the PBS documentary series Roadtrip Nation, apprenticed on a Zen Buddhist farm, received an MFA from UCSC Digital Arts New Media program, and lived in London where he worked with Microsoft as a creative director, and was awarded a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund to direct a new media project that explored the history of a neighborhood park. Dustin lives in Los Angeles and can be found biking his daughter to kindergarten most mornings. 

User Interface & System Prototyping, Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Sketch, Final Cut, After Effects, Javascript, PHP, HTML, CSS

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods, Survey Design & Analysis, User Modeling, Controlled Experiments, Ethnography, Observational and Interview techniques, Network Analysis